And then one day I suddenly found myself in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was early morning, so around noon, and I decided to leave the proverbial cave to hunt for the morning’s breakfast. After I ran my options through the probability matrix, I decided on something northern European, perhaps a bit Belgian. While I wanted something primal, perhaps some smoked meats, or leg of mutton, the woman wanted something light, fresh, and appropriate for the morning feast.

waffle monster bruge

Waffle Monster

Alas, I can’t fault the lady, since the Waffle Monster was delicious! The waffles tasted great- Light, fluffy, and a touch sweet. The vanilla bean ice cream and fresh strawberries paired with it nicely too. However, this light start for a breakfast could not satisfy the beast in me.

Machine Gun Sandwich

Machine Gun Sandwich

All hail! The Machine Gun Sandwich!! Check that bad boy out! This little beasty is stuffed with 2 merguez (lamb) sausages, Belgian frites, and topped with Andalouse sauce, all on a fresh baguette. There’s nothing I would change about this sandwich, it’s just spot on. With every bite I felt my hangover retreating. And within what felt like mere moments, all I had left was a full belly and a guilty grin on my face. Now properly provisioned to face the day, I went about the task of finding out why exactly I was in Salt Lake City to begin with. Huzzah!

just having a wee

just having a wee

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Let’s talk about food for a moment.  Or rather, let’s imagine a place where you can satiate your hunger, make ya smile, and leave you reeling and feeling drunk from merely eating some small dank food plates.  This place is no fiction, it is the Nosh & Swig joint on Flamingo.

By Jove! I’ve only sampled a handful of dishes here thus far, but each time I leave here I feel like I’ve found some hidden gem.  And it’s a gem I’d rather share with others, so that others may enjoy the bounty of delicious plates which the Nosh & Swig has to offer.

It’s high noon, and Miss Blonde and I are on our daily search of something delicious to eat.  And then it happened.  One of us suggests Nosh & Swig!  It’s game on, and there’s nothing that will stop us from reaching our destination.  Surprisingly, there’s only a handful of tables seated, and once again it’s like finding that hidden waterfall in the desert.  So Miss Blonde and I waste no time and peruse the menu for the latest and greatest to stuff into each of our heads!

nachos o'brien

nachos o’brien


Nachos O’Brien, easiest first choice ever.  While just about everything on the menu sounded great, this one, on the pork menu, whispered a sweet nothing into my belly and said, “Put me in food porn King!”.  I obliged.  Peppered pork (bacon!), house potato chips, dublin cheddar, and stewed tomatoes, made this one unbelievably good appetizer to kick off our regal feast.


chicken littles @ Nosh & Swig

chicken littles


This dish arrived in the middle of the Nachos O’Brien orgy, and I graciously accepted this plate to the feast.  I quickly lanced a few which promptly found their way to my belly with haste.   The house battered crunchy chicken with a sweet and sour bbq sauce was dynamite!  Bink.

pretzel brats, nosh & swig, las vegas

pretzel brats


Miss Blonde and I were then assaulted by the pretzel brats!  This chicken sausage, with cheese gravy and sauerkraut on a pretzel roll was another heady plate.  I shook my head NO while I munched but in reality I was saying yes, YES A THOUSAND TIMES!  I felt like I reunited in some weird way with my Germanic roots.  Either way I felt animal, which is a great state of being.


carne asada sandwich @ nosh & swig las vegas

carne asada sandwich


The carne asada sandwich arrived.  I look it over, poke around a bit, and take a huge bite.  I now feel like I’ve bonded with my brethren from south of the border.  The black bean spread was delicious, the cucumber feta pico was outstanding,  and this carne asada slider was just dank-a-licious!

I have now both noshed and swigged my way to food porn glory!  And I plan on doing it again and again.  It’s good for the soul.  I highly recommend you do the same.


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I am the food porn king. I can do anything. At least most things within reason. One of my abilities which I fully utilize preferably on a daily basis is seeking out edible food items and promptly stuffing them into my head. Not just any food items, but ones which make my belly, soul, and taste buds give me a high-five! Yeah, I’m a high-fivin’ mother %$&^er. So please allow me to humbly share my food porn experiences with you.